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A local Business who has a physical presence such as a doctor,dentist,spa, skincare or wellness studio,retail outlet,workshop etc. requires a very different marketing approach than a business which is entirely or to a large extend online based and without a brick and mortar location.

For almost 20 years we have worked with lots of companies from many different countries, and I have seen many changes in online marketing over those two decades. The pace is relentless, and quite often even established businesses are finding it more and more difficult to select and than implement the right strategies.

Online marketing has become a highly specialized subject. Knowing which way to go and what strategies are best suited for all the different types of businesses is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We deliver concepts which will be unique to your business. We don’t have ‘one size fits all solutions’. We don’t just talk about it, but we work closely with all our clients and develop and implement  marketing concepts which are right for their individual needs. Can we deliver results?  We let our clients do the talking. Take a look what they have to say.

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McDonald's sell more cheeseburgers, fries, and soft drinks than any other fast-food chain in the world, but they still do marketing.

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